Collection: MidWest Hatters (Fedoras & Western Hats)


Five styles are available:

1) Cowboy hat with a raw edge (The Dreamcatcher). Features a high pinched crown and a hand beaded leather or leather-look headband that is inspired by Native American crafting techniques.

2) Cowboy hat with a wired brim (The Bootscooter). Features a high pinched crown and a leather, leather-look or chevron patterned headbands. Many embellishments are recycled and may include vintage costume jewellery, macrame and/or feathers, so each hat is unique.

 3) Australian bushman-style hat with a raw edge (The Outbacker). Features a high pinched crown and a gently curved brim. Often the embellishments are recycled.

 4) Country fedora (The MidWester). A casual fedora featuring a high crown, centre crease and a wide flat brim. This style is often trimmed with leather/leather-look headbands and black/brass/silver/gold-coloured metal swivel snap clips.

 5) Town fedora (Dick Tracy style). Classic style fedora with a wired brim that can be snapped up at the back if desired.