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Blueberry tart headpiece

Blueberry tart headpiece

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Blueberry tart headpiece. Natural sinamay tart base approx. 10cm diameter, 2cm high filled with artificial blueberries, three pale blue sinamay rose buds, small white flowers, green leaves and finished with a silver coloured plastic spoon. The entire piece measures approx. 12cm from base of tart to top of spoon. It is mounted on a metal headband. No hat size required.


Shipping & Returns

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Custom made hats are available upon request.

Care Instructions


Both wool and felt have a tendency to pick up dirt.

* Ideally use a hat brush made of horse hair that is lighter coloured than your hat. Use gentle strokes but for more persitent particles move brush in a circular motion in the direction of the felt.

* Alternatively, you could use a lint roller to lift dirt or even sticky tape wrapped around your fingers and dabbed over the hat.


Store hat in a cool dry place. Ideally, store the hat in a hat box. Remember, moths are attracted to animal fibre so you might want to consider using mothballs or cedar chips.

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How to work out your hat size

Step 1. Get off your horse.

Step 2. Grab a tape measure.

Step 3. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your head (about one inch or two and a half cm above your eyebrows). The tape measure should be placed around your head where the hat normally sits.

Step 4. Repeat the procedure to check the accuracy of your measurements (If your head size fits in between sizes, it is probably best to select the larger of the two sizes).


  • Fixed rate shipping

    Fixed price shipping within Australia and International.

  • Custom made options

    Different colours and materials are available for Fedoras and Western Hats depending on availability. Hat sizes are limited to 52cm-60cm. Drop me a line via the contact page if you have any questions. I am happy to help when I can.